Grooms Cakes
The Groom's Cake is typically a heavier cake, a dark, rich chocolate, carrot, red velvet cake, or pound cake. Most of the time it's totally different from the wedding cake and can be the groom's favorite kind of cake, or you can choose it simply because it's a good option to the lighter, more delicate wedding cake.

This cake, by the rules of etiquette, should be served at the rehearsal dinner. I'm sure this is done in a variety of ways in different parts of the country (and even the world!) - I recommend at the wedding having a formal, elegant cake that is very pretty and very tasty - a formal dessert for a formal occasion. At the rehearsal dinner anything goes! This is normally an informal affair with your closest friends - usually the time for any kind of fun things, theme cakes, or a big chocolate chip cookie! One time I even made individual-sized pecan pies.

These are only suggestions - I'll be happy to design a groom's cake especially for you!

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